Vice Chancellor's Message

Welcome to PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi. Being an Agricultural Institution, our main objective is to produce high quality Agricultural Scientists. Therefore, we are committed with the philosophy that we advance our farmer community by sharing positive and proven ideas and experiences. Along with Agricultural Sciences, the university offers degree programs at all levels in basic and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Humanities, Management Sciences, Computer Sciences and Information Technology.

The University seeks to make a major contribution to the agricultural advancement across the country. Therefore, we are dedicated to the prosecution of research across all fields of study, believing in research culture with clear application and relevance.

With a dynamic and stimulating educational environment, our tradition is to accept challenges and to receive wisdom today, in order to achieve new things and new approaches for tomorrow. Embracing education in its widest context, we continually strive to remain at the forefront of knowledge.

We are committed to prepare our students to work, acquire skills and enhance their capabilities that equip them adequately to live in rapidly changing global environment.

Prof. Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman

PMAS-Arid Agriculture University, Rawalpindi

Director's Message

We, at SABAC - Arid Institute of Management Sciences, aim to foster a dynamic and vibrant learning environment that serves as a channel for the dissemination of a world-renowned interdisciplinary education. Synchronously, with today’s dynamic environment, we are perpetually reassessing ourselves and our curriculum to meet the ever-changing demands of the job market Arid - Arid Institute of Management Sciences affiliated with PMAS Arid Agricultural University Rawalpindi affords not only the opportunity to provide higher education, but also to carry out ground breaking research that is beneficial for our country and those residing within it.

It is our firm belief that potential is inherent in every student a vital resource that needs to be tapped, and thus we dedicate all our resources to harness this potential to its prime. Our commitment to our student body is an implicit promise that not only guarantees the revamping of a student’s technical career, but also assures a journey of self-discovery for the students in an environment revolving around the learning process. This journey with us would be a breeding ground for analytical thinking, creativity and problem-solving.

Nauman Javed

SABAC - Arid Institute of Management Sciences, Lahore

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