Vision & Mission


To revolutionize the job market by producing self-sufficient individuals possessing a unique blend of academic prowess, analytical thinking and avant-garde solutions.


At SABAC-Arid Institute of Management Sciences, driven by a goal to pioneer in the dissemination of Computer Science knowledge, we strive to give back to our society by empowering the youth through education. We believe the dynamics of the contemporary have been strongly shaped by the ever-increasing demand for automation, at the core of which lies a strong acumen in programming fundamentals. Computer Science at SABAC-Arid Institute of Management Sciences is distinctively novel, driven by cutting-edge research, promise to diversity inclusion, and a hands-on approach to coding through emphasis on a spectrum of technologies, in honing our student body to nurture a dynamic technical probity within the IT industry. A thoroughbred entourage of academic professionals, hailing from multi-faceted industry experience, curriculum skimping on theoretical knowledge to accommodate an acute emphasis on the practical dimension of learning, and a journey through business axioms that define this progressive industry, are what define our academic standards. Our sole focus is divested towards inculcating problem-solving and creativity in our students, in tandem with providing opportunities for their personal growth. With quality education at the epicenter of our decisions, we welcome all facets of talent without any discrimination to fuel the best of our society’s collective mental capabilities.

Admissions Open!